Conflict Resolution and Litigation


We offer a team of experienced reputable litigation attorneys, widely experienced in fields such as Criminal Law, Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Breaches of Contract, Family Law and others.

We also count with a team of negotiators and counselors specialized in Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, who are experts in negotiation techniques from the Program on Negotiation of Harvard Law School, mediators certified by the Ministry of Justice and specialists in national and international arbitration.

The services we provide in the field of Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution include the following:

  • Assessment, diagnostic and rendering of legal opinions on legal disputes.
  • Negotiation and alternative conflict resolution.
  • Handling of arbitration and mediation proceedings.
  • Victim representation in criminal cases.
  • Handling of breach of contract cases.
  • Handling of judicial real- estate disputes.
  • Judicial employment disputes.
  • Agency and Foreign Company Representation cases (Laws No. 6209 and No. 8629).
  • Judicial collections and debt recovery.
  • Eviction proceedings.
  • Handling of Family Law cases (divorces, domestic violence, alimony and others).
  • Probate proceedings.
  • Bankruptcy and closing of businesses proceedings.
  • Handling of administrative and judicial disputes with government authorities and public entities.

We offer a team of experienced reputable litigation attorneys, widely experienced…